About Us

Canada Immigration Express is a private company that prides itself on helping families from all across the world that seek to immigrate to Canada. Our company subcontracts a team of authorized Canadian immigration consultants who can provide you with a confidential personal assessment to help you determine exactly what your best options are to achieve your immigration goals. If you are eligible to apply for a particular Canadian visa program, the authorized immigration consultants can also walk you step-by-step through the immigration process. To read more, click here!


Enjoy an Amazing Life in Canada


Canadians are open and tolerant people. Canada is considered the world’s most immigrant-friendly country.

Vast Job Opportunities

There are thousands of Canadian jobs available for skilled foreign workers in Canada’s growing economy.

Canadian Citizenship

Permanent residents have the option to apply for Canadian citizenship after living in Canada for three years.

High-Level Education

Free primary and secondary education and subsidized post-secondary education. Higher education ranks among the very best in the world.

Social Welfare Benefits

Canadians have free health care, social welfare is available for those who can’t find work, there are childcare benefits, plus retirement pensions.

Great Place to Live

Canada is rated as one of the best countries to live in because of its high quality of life, prosperity, incredible cities, safety and scenery.


Visa Programs

If you and your family want to live and work in Canada for an unlimited period of time as permanent residents, you will need to be approved by the corresponding Canadian visa program. The majority of the 300,000 people who immigrate to Canada each year are skilled foreign workers (and their family members) who qualify for "economic immigrant" programs such as:


General Requirements

Each Canadian immigration program has its own criteria; however, there are some general requirements which are summarized below. In order to qualify for immigration to Canada, a skilled foreign worker must possess good English or French language abilities and will need to provide satisfactory test scores that are less than two years old from an approved language assessment test (for example, the IELTS or TEF). Depending on which Canadian visa program a foreign worker is applying for, a minimum of 1-2 years of full-time paid work experience during the past 5-10 years in an eligible occupation for which they received the relevant education will usually be required. Foreign workers need to have a post-secondary degree, diploma or certificate that is recognized and related to their qualifying occupation. A minimum number of points given for different factors will be required for certain points-based Canadian immigration programs. The foreign worker and each family member immigrating to Canada needs to meet the good health and character criteria. This is a brief summary of some common requirements foreign workers must satisfy to immigrate to Canada. To find out if you meet the criteria for Canadian immigration, click here!


Why Choose Canada Immigration Express?

Canada Immigration Express works with authorized Canadian immigration consultants who can simplify the process for you and your family, make sure your forms are filed correctly, help you avoid mistakes, and answer your questions throughout the procedure.

Assessment of your eligibility for permanent residency & selection of the right visa type based on your profile
Customer Service available in various languages for any assistance required
Advice on how to increase your points in order to be eligible for permanent residency visa
Simplification of your immigration process to Canada